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Yoga for Children

Children in the modern world are facing more physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges than ever before. The influence of celebrities, the media and the material world appear to be stronger than ever before and the ability to keep up with changes in technology is immense. Children today are under a lot of pressure with for example, homework, pressure to compete with other children (sport and academically) and endless after school activities. 

Yoga is a great gift that we can offer children to give them the tools to be able to stay grounded in this ever changing world. It helps develop strong foundations on which to build a well balanced lifestyle. 

The physical, mental and emotional benefits that yoga can bring to children are enormous and will help them to develop their internal world (and remain grounded in the external world). The practice of yoga is holistic and affects all levels of a child’s being.


Some of the benefits of yoga for children include:

• increased strength and flexibility;

• increased muscle tone and develop muscle co-ordination;

• the spine becomes stronger and more flexible and improvements

  in posture may be noted;

• improved balance and coordination;

• improvements in fine motor development and both body and 

  spatial awareness;

• improved concentration and ability to discipline and focus the mind;

• improved listening skills and the ability to imitate and follow 


• knowledge on how to unwind and relax;

• emotional development (understanding emotions and how to deal 

  with them);

• finding an appropriate method for releasing pent up emotional and 

  mental states of mind;

• building an awareness of the mind and of positive thinking (and 

  over time this can help increase confidence and self esteem, self 

  acceptance and a more caring and respectful attitude towards 

  themselves and other people);

• developing imagination and creativity.

Today, many children tend to be less active spending more time watching television and playing computer games. Diet has also changed and many children (and parents) overindulge in a rich diet of fat and sugar. These trends are particularly dangerous for children who should be building up strong and supple muscles for their adult years. Yoga may be a way to help attract those children who are not physically gifted and naturally inclined to sports. As yoga is non competitive, it may lend itself to children with all personality traits. It can also help children gain a greater understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

Topics such as the importance of a healthy diet and/or school term topics can also be incorporated into the lessons. 

The benefits of regular yoga practice for children are immense and will have an effect on their life both in and out of school. Teachers may note improvements in concentration, performance and attitude (which will have a knock on effect to their academic achievements and relationships with other children and teachers). Parents may note improved sleeping patterns (as they develop and maintain a healthy nervous and endocrinal system) and general well being. The practice of yoga can be adapted and adjusted to any individual no matter what the age, level of interest, abilities or disabilities. However, the potential for development is much greater if the practice of yoga is introduced as early as possible.

I am very passionate about the opportunity I have as a yoga teacher to share the practice of yoga with children, equipping them with techniques and knowledge to assist them on their path of self discovery and their journey towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

At the present time, I am able to offer yoga lessons in school time or at after-school clubs. I am also happy to teach a small group of children at parties or at home. Please contact me to discuss further on: 077 151 673 91.



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